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Home Energy Evaluations

We believe that personalized solutions are the result of superior customer service and thorough investigation.


We care about your goals, so we ask:

What changes would make you happy? For example, would you like:

  • A more comfortable living space?
  • Lower energy bills?
  • Better indoor air quality?
  • A home that stands the test of time?
  • A more environmental lifestyle?


Our certified specialist has the knowledge and tools to find the answers.

We use Infrared Thermography to see inside walls and spot missing insulation. We use an airflow meter called a Blower Door to calculate costly air leakage. Many homes lose so much warm air, it’s like keeping a window open all the time! We pore over your energy bills and calculate how much electricity your appliances and electronics are using. From the attic to the crawlspace, we find ways to save heating fuel, electricity and water.


We recommend the best solutions for you and your home.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, Simplicity gives you an actionable plan featuring plenty of photos and infrared images.

If you prefer to hire a contractor, we’ll arm you with the knowledge you’ll need to make good decisions. Or ask us to consult on your project, and we’ll find the contractors, coordinate the rebates, schedule the work, and check their work for quality.


Whether it’s money, the environment, your health, or your home’s value, we find you the best way to save.

Once your project is complete, you will notice the change. Because your bills are lower, you’ll see a quick return on your investment. Because it’s less drafty and cold, you’ll enjoy being home more. You may avoid rodent or water damage.

We are here to help. To get started, read Four Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Start Saving Immediately today.  And schedule a Home Performance Evaluation. It’s the first step to solutions.

Home Energy Evaluations